Saturday, 31 July 2010

Popeys big stick

He don't like it when you probe a bit does he!

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Tony just for you!

I know you like a beer or 2!

New BS Membership Secretary

Hot off the press the new membership secretary looks like it will be frampadoodle!!!!!!

thank your for my husband back!

Since there is a picture of me at the top of bigguns blog i thought i might add my tuppence worth. Just in case you dont recognise the picture - this is wife of biggun! helper to the BS - which i understand means Barbel Society - not all the cr*p that has been going on the past couple of months - not just this latest tirade of rubbish. you are all grown men and women but some - when given the partial anonimity of the computer in any forum - become worse than spoilt children. you should not need a moderator. you should be able to understand that any forum is not your personal playing field. if there is anything to be said of an inflamatory nature it should be private. in particular on the BS forum there is a considerable junior memebership who look to their peers - you "grown ups" for help and inspiration. if they see you calling each other names it shows them its ok for them to do it too. is this what you really want to teach the younger generation? to my mind the way the BS forum is set up is as a family culture. but if you want to make it a club where anything goes i it should have a disclaimer at sign in saying "adult content - some posts may offend!".
on a personal note - thank you for giving me back my husband (i hope i dont regret saying that). more time for his family and his fishing. and no more late nights at work for me printing various bits of paper for you all.
although i possibly do more for the society tnan some members this cannot go on the forum because it is a private forum - and should stay like that. the memebers of the BS, including the committee should protect what they have properly otherwise more people will go the way of others and walk away to leave it to bullies who think it is their own 'playground' with their own rules. and they can sit back and delegate (as i was informed at the conference) at their hearts content till they get a committee of clones to do their bidding. this will never help the BS to move into the 21st century. all it needs is for "like minded people to sit back and do nothing" to ensure the BS stays as it is for ever.

Friday, 23 July 2010

It's a sad sad day

Well after nearly 5 years on the Barbel Society Committee, 1st as website Editor then as Membership Secretary and now combining the Fisheries Managers post. I have decided enough is enough.

A few years ago, a good friend and fellow blogger (lets calll him "canes2tony") said to me you will never change "him" and he is right,I and others thought we could take the BS forward but the man's hide is thicker than a rhino's, I guess his Ivory Tower is invincible.

All 3 moderators on the BS Forum have resigned due to pressure from above to re-instate a committee member who was suspended by me after consultation between us. The chairman thinks that a committee member is above all the other forum posters and is above the being able to be edited and suspended. Not in my book I had been a moderator on there since the forum was closed to the public many years ago.

I was being asked to break the conditions of the Data Protection Act, in other words break the law by the Chairman. After the foolish prank he pulled at the running Waters show this year, 3 of the present committee, me and I won't name the other 2 but it's not hard to guess who, one a long standing member and very good friend, the other a new member on the committee but also someone who has been a friend for quite a few years have resigned in the space of 24 hours with the distinct posibility of more soon.

The BS will carry on with Mr pope at the helm, the new blood will see the light at the end of the tunnel and notice that it is just turning the corner and coming up behind them. Nothing changes.

Good luck to all my friends on the committee, and too the rest............................................... nah its not worth it!!!!!!!

Ah well! it means more fishing for me instead of sat behind the pc for hours on end.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010


I have been a professional driver (taxi and bus driver) for 20 years now . Over the last 6 months I have had a pain that started in my right shoulder which has now moved up through my neck and into my head and in a morning my fingers are red and I have pins and needles in the tips. My cervical vertebrae crack and groan every time I move my head making me think it is gonna fall off and roll off down the bus! . I had been fearing the worse (brain tumour 6 weeks to live!)
I visited the Doctor this week and he in formed that I wont be dying before my time, diagnosis is Cervical Spondylosis so I will have to live it.

Anti inflammitaries have been prescribed and a referral to the NHS Direct Physio Clinic, who did ring back and after a 15 minute phone consultation (he did ask if I was on sick!! mmmmm)are sending a course of execises to "open up the gap in the right sided vertabrae to ease the pressure on the nerves" his words not mine!.
I will keep you all informed of my progress.

Wednesday, 7 July 2010


I've had a couple of weeks trying a 3 day diet (3 days on 4 days off).
Leapt gently onto the scales this morning and lo and behold! 19st exactly, I'm a happy (slimmer) bunny.