Wednesday, 31 March 2010


Lightly stepped on the scales yesterday morning and lo and behold, 1st time for probably a couple of years I've been below 20st stone, only by 1/2 a pound but it all counts.

Monday, 29 March 2010

Lost and Found

Happy Birthday Paul.

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Bloody Cars

Not used to spending cash on my car nowadays (it used to cost a fortune when I was a taxi driver) my Omega failed it's MOT and cost me £240 just for tyres!!!!!!

Friday, 26 March 2010

My 1st attempt at a regular blog, most will remember my diaries from a few years ago on my website, they were all about fishing this will be a little more general.

Thursday March 25th. Ever since I gave up smoking over 25 years ago, I retired from playing rugby league at about the same time. I have piled on the weight from being a fit 15 stone prop forward, I am now a rather large gentleman, approaching 60, but have enjoyed every minute of the food and drink thats made me like this. When I returned from my sortie down south for the last week of the season I decided to weigh myself (I thought I had stayed around 19-20 stone) the scales creaked when I stood on them and went to 21stone!! It was a big shock and I decided to really make an effort to lose weight. I have tried quite a few diets over the years and I did get down to 18 stone a few years ago but my weight has crept up again. The BS "RunningWater" show is on the weekend of May 9th and I would like to get down to 19stone by then, my holidays are in August and I will try to be 18stone when we go to Scotland, in a years time maybe 16st if I try really hard..

I started dieting last tuesday (16th) I am cutting down my drinking, ( Stella was a very good friend every night, just 2/3 bottles but it adds up to a case a week). Cereal for breakfast and salad for tea and lots of fruit, I am not eating between meals.

I got weighed this morning and have lost 12lbs already so a good start must keep it up.

Tuesday March 23rd, I decided to move some boughs and branches from a 25ft tree I had cut down in my garden last autumn. The trailer was empty, so the power saw came out. A nice sunny afternoon (Ah! remember the Kinks), Sue was asleep on the settee (she's not too well at the moment).One trailer full to the tip, filling up again a 6ft bough twisted as I lobbed it in and hit me on the head knocked my glasses into my nose (blood everywhere) couldn't find my glasses and 2 bangs on my head. (clumsy old sod she said) seems right.

Monday March 22nd, had a phone call from Chris Lythe my new "Barbel Master" ready in 3 weeks, with special reel foot and non-standard ratchet.