Thursday, 29 April 2010

Well done to Roy Hodgson and the whole Fulham squad a fantasic achievment to reach the Europa Cup final.
Such a shame the "scousers" couldn't make it an all English final.

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Busy Busy Weekend.

A "long"weekend off work, Saturday 350 mile round trip to Northampton Uni in the warm sunshine, the only downside was having to get up at 5 am to be there just after 9. It is Beth's preferred choice of University after "government funding cuts" led to the cancellation of the "degree" course at Edgehill Uni in Lancs, she wanted to do. Nice Uni (Northampton) good accommodation/lecturers and presentation, providing she gets the required UCAS points she will start there in September.

Arrived home at 4.30pm taxi arrived at 6.30 to take us out for an "Indian" with workmate Graham and his wife Sue, lovely meal, great beer, good company. After "Scholes' " late late winner in the Manchester derby and Spurs demolition of Chelski, I was a happy bunny as we got home a bit the worse for wear after midnight.

Sunday after a short "lie in" we watched the Chinese Grand Prix great 1-2 for Maclaren.
Left home at 1pm for a trip over the Yorks Wolds to Knaresborough and a meeting with master reel maker Chris Lythe to pick up my Barbel Master special.
Took "The Berridge" with us he was very impressed with Pauls work.

Monday, 12 April 2010

Diet again!

Seems all I "blog" about at the moment but it is going well, (the bathroom scales are relieved!)
19st 6lbs this morning so my goal of 19 st by the BS show is looking attainable.

Monday, 5 April 2010

Diet again

Had a couple of lapses over the holidays and been at work everyday but when I got weighed this morning I was 19st 11lbs so more than happy. I think I will start some exercising this week bike and treadmill should keep the weight loss going.

Fishing now.
I have made my mind up to do a bit of "fly fishing" and "tenching" this close season (I know I say it every year and do nothing about it) this year I am determined to have a "chuck".
I'm looking for some small stream fly fishing, I only fish the Dry Fly, I can't be doing with nymphs/emergents/wets. So if any one can help, this side of the Penines would be preferable.
Bryce and Scottie if you look in maybe have a day on the Nidd again?.

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