Friday, 25 June 2010

All over now!

Last day yesterday so drove back up North, had a lovely day on a small River only 5yds wide, lots of streamer weed and fish flashing couldn't tempt a barbel but had a couple of chub. Ah well back to work today.
Soon be August have my holidays proper!!

Thursday, 24 June 2010

After our storming qualification in the world cup, I see the yanks have left us to finish off the Krauts again!

My last night down south so decided on the RDAA ticket on the Loddon, lovely evening crowned off by the obligatory kingfisher flying past about 9pm home to its nest. No barbel but it's been a great week especially meeting up and fishing with really good mates.

Fishing highlight of the week must have been the wild brownie from the Coln.
Txt of the week from Chaz "I've just got home and eaten my weight in chinese"!

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Wednesday, 23 June 2010

A quick 3 hour session last night on the Kennet with Chaz and Matt lovely evening in the shade but no fish.
0I'm watching the footy (come on England!) then my last session (back up north tomorrow) on the Loddon, can't decide on Twyford or Reading ticket?

Tuesday, 22 June 2010


I had decide on a bit of fly fishing while I was down south, the Test was mentioned (mega bucks but not on my wages!).
I had talked to an angler over the weekend who mentioned The Bull at Fairford (River Coln) so I looked it up on the internet (£25 half a day, 70 miles up the motorway) it looked a very nice streamy little river.
So at 11.30 I set of for the "easy" drive down the M4! at 2pm I had just cleared J10 after coming on at J7! not bad 9 miles in 2 1/2 hours, I finally arrived just after 3pm. I was not dissapointed though, what beautiful part of the country just inside the Gloucs border, I went into the pub sampled the draught (well you have too!) paid my money walked to the river and what a sight.
I waded for about half an hour, trout and grayling everywhere but way to clever for me and the "PJ" had a couple of takes on the dry but missed em both. Talked to the river keeper a very helpful chap, he said nymphs had been catching (well they never caught me!). I really tried to tempt a fish and ended up just below the road bridge, I missed a couple of more on the dry fly.
The church bells rang out 8.15pm so I decided on another 15 minutes. Well my "expertise" paid off in the end with a lovely brownie of just over a lb on the dry fly, no more casts after that and an easy drive home.
What a great day.

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Sunday June 20th

Another section of the Kennet today, met with 2 of my best barbel friends Dick and Graham, the weather was not conjusive to good fishing (hot and bright sunshine) not a fish was seen. As we walked to the river Chaz and Denise were already set up and fishing. We did see a red deer with her fawn and Dick's peg was occupied by an adder that quickly disappeared when it saw him! Ah well no fish again but there's always tomorrow. A bit of fluff flinging me thinks.

Saturday June 19th

Had a nice day on the River Kennet with Chaz and Denise, no fish to report but great to meet up with 2 lovely people.

Friday, 18 June 2010

Opening few days

Drove down south to meet up with best mate Paul at my sis-in-laws, fixed her wireless broadband and got paid with a lovely evening meal.

We set off and arrived on the bank and walked the full stretch but decide on a double swim near the car park! (much easier to make the tea!) We had a cracking 1st few days, we fished on the Twyford book (their hardest venue lived up to its reputation), never bothered to weigh anything (infact we never caught anything to weigh). We moved onto another venue on Thursday morning it really looked the part, same result though apart from half a dozen perch on the float.

We had some lovely breakfasts though and he does do the washing up. ,