Thursday, 14 October 2010

What a bloody day!!!

I actually had a day off today, what shall I do I thought, go fishing? nah no rain rivers are low can't really be bothered.

Sue "seeing as you are off"
Back garden, the grass needs its last cut, there's some big trimming to do on the trees.
Front garden the bushes need cutting back (she saw the postie fighting his way through the jungle!) The front path needs cleaning and while you're at it the patio and path at the back........

Ok then definitely no fishing.

Got the rather old petrol mower out, it wont start (no fuel), drive to garage to get gallon of unleaded. Fill up tank, pull on the starter string (you guessed it string breaks inside the flywheel! BLOODY HELL!!

Try and find new secateurs she bought the other week (no chance), use old pair, break old pair trimming tree, get other old pair same result!!! Find new ones.finish trimming bushes at front.

Brush front path, break brush! metal handle snaps a foot from the head use brush with short handle, cut hand on sharp edge!! Bloody Bloody Hell!!!

Decide to take trailer round to front of house for all the trimmings (trailer has flat tyre!) FOOOOOK!!!!!

Cut grass with strimmer.

Going to "Hull Fair" tonight, daren't go on any rides!!

Monday, 4 October 2010

Sorry its been so long!

It's been a hell of a busy month (sept).
Beth been installed at Northampton Uni for nearly 3 weeks now, she's coming home at the weekend, it's Hull fair! It will be good to see her though.She had a bit of a bad time last weekend when she burnt her hand and ended up in A&E but seems to be on the mend now.

All my BS Membership Sec stuff handed over so I'm out of it now. Good luck to Dave and Mal.

Had a great day on the Trent last week, I took the 2 auction winners John and Nathan, a bit different to what they normally fish but both had a great time with plenty of barbel.

Dave and Mal Brown joined us along with Paul W.

After a few "wallis casting" lessons, Mal had her 1st barbel on a "cane" a cracking 9lber following it up with another not long after.

Dave also had his 1st trent barbel and couple of chub.

I had a couple so well pleased as I was "guiding" a lot of the time. Paul well what can I say another blank thats 7 on the trot on the big river!! (sorry mate)